Mrs. James' Class News

Notes For Parents

I am really enjoying getting to know your children. They are working hard and it is showing in their work. Please contact me if you ever have questions or concerns about what we are doing in class.

Parent Portal - This year all report cards will be viewed online. Please make sure that you have picked up your Parent Portal information from the front office. You will need a picture ID in order to pick it up.

Thank you for checking agendas. Students are doing a great job writing down homework and turning it in the following day.

Important Dates

September 21st - Bee Classes Begin this week

September 22nd - Destination Imagination Meeting After School @ 6:30

September 25th - Outdoor Movie Night and Picnic @ 6:30

September 28th - No School for Students - Teacher Work Day

October 12th - Conferences Begin (more info. to come)

October 14th - Picture Day

October 16th - Spirit Day and BeeBop

October 30th - No School - Teacher Workday

Language Arts

We are finishing up our chapter books. If your child has not yet completed their chapter book, please encourage them to do so by Friday, September 23rd. We are going to read a few shorter texts before beginning our next chapter books.

Word Study activities are going to be due on Mondays. We are completing activities through Google Classroom! If students are completing activities at home and don't have access to a computer, the activity can still be done on paper. Word Study tests will also be given on Mondays. New words will be given on Tuesdays!

This week (9/21) students will have their test on Tuesday and will not receive new words until next Tuesday.

Writer's Eye!!

The majority of our writing time in class will be spent on Writer's Eye. By now your child has chosen an art piece to write about and has begun a rough draft. If you are curious you can go to the following link to see this year's art pieces.


Math homework is going to look a bit different. Each student will get the homework sheet on Monday that has the whole week's work on it. It will be collected, checked, and returned each day. Students may work ahead if they would like.

We are continuing to work on multiplication. This week we will be working on 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication with and without decimals.

Students are continuing to do a great job completing and returning homework!!! Yippee!


Mr. Humphrey's homeroom (that has me for this Science Unit) will have a test on Thursday, September 24th. Study guide and activities can be found on