By: Riddhi Goel~ Period 8

Basics of Christianity

Christianity is a monotheistic religion which believes in Yahweh (their word for god). Its followers are called Christians. Their holy site is Jerusalem, and more specifically, the Church of Sepulchre. Their holy book is the Bible. Christians celebrate Sabbath on Sundays, which is the day they go to church on. Church is led by a Priest, Minister, Preacher, or Pastor. Their most common sects are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. One of their main beliefs is the Holy Trinity, which is the unification of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. They also believe in Jesus Christ; the son of god. Baptism is one of their most important rituals. It is when people use water to mark a person's entry into the Christian Church. Another important ritual is the Holy Communion. People generally celebrate this by sharing bread and wine (Jesus' body and blood). The sacrament of the Holy Communion is also know as Eucharist. Two important holidays that Christians celebrate are Christmas, and Easter. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, while Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. After Easter, Lent starts for 40 days, in which people give up favorite foods. The last week of Lent is called the Holy Week. The common figure for Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is the god of Abraham.