Norfolk Panthers

Norfolk Junior High

By Alison West

Feature Article


The sport soccer is the most popular sport in the world. A professional soccer player runs up to three to six miles in a regular game. In the US we call it soccer, but the British call it football. In London’s famed Newgate prison they invented soccer, but called it basket-ball because they overturned wickerbaskets.Soccer was illegal in Mississippi until 1991.The national sport of Canada is soccer.Queen Elizibeth the 2nd was an athlete, but she played soccer all the time but was undercover. In most countries most soccer uniforms are called kits. Did you know a soccer ball is actually oval shaped, but the checkered pattern makes an illusion and makes it look perfectly round shaped. A soccer field is called a pitch. On a soccer ball there are thirty-two panels on it. When they make a soccer field they slope one side of the soccer field slightly, so one team has to go uphill one half of the hill and the other team goes down hill one half. Spain is the best soccer team in the world.There are eleven soccer positions theres a minimum of eleven soccer players on the field so twenty-two altogether. England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the USA have professional soccer leagues.There is close to a million soccer clubs in the world, and new soccer clubs come and go each day. Soccer is the fastest growing populated sport in the world. Since 1952, Hungary has won the most gold medals in the Olympics in soccer. A soccer ball is made up of leather and rubber.The first full-time league was made is 1888. Pele was considered the best player that ever lived and still is. Pele went to the World Cup three times.The first women’s World Cup was won by the United States soccer team in 1991.Soccer is an amazing sport and will keep growing and growing bigger and bigger.


Alison West went to the Norfolk High School and was working at Hy-Vee .She went to college after she graduated from high school, her major was designing. After college her husband proposed to her and they moved to Palm Springs,Florida. When they got there, she started her own clothing store business. A year later they had one kid.Her family travels to California, Nebraska, and New Jersey to see friends and family. She loves going to volleyball,basketball,soccer,and football games with her family.They live in a nice house with two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Black Lab.She lives in a two story house with a pool in the backyard.They have their own boat and camper. They go camping and boating a lot.They go to Disney World all of the time and go swimming a lot. Her child are now 15 and they are 40.

New Story Nursery Rime

Humpty Dumptys Big Fall

By:Ali West

On June 15, 2013, Humpty Dumpty fell off a brick wall at his house. Humpty’s fall was very bad. He broke his leg and has a small concussion. Humpty was just sitting on the wall to relax until he saw a spider and fell off the wall. His friends went to come see him and saw him passed out, and they hurried and called the paramedics. They took him to the Fairy Tale Hospital and he went into surgery and fixed his leg.He will be able to return home sometime during this week.

Favorite App

My favorite is Instagram

Instagram is an app where you post pictures and you get followers.I like this app because I like seeing my friends’ pictures that they post.You can also post pictures and videos and share them with your friends.There are also challenges on Instagram that I like doing. You can like your friends pictures or videos. You make an account and then start posting photos or videos. Then start following friends, and if you want you can put your account on private.
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