iPads in the Classroom

What's the Hype?

"Everything you need to teach anything."

"Apps that delight. Books that captivate. Videos that inspire. A world of learning possibilities awaits in every iPad. Who knew you could fit so much knowledge into a device so thin and light?" -Apple

The App Store has over 80,000 education apps, just for the iPad, that can be used for any subject for every grade level and learning style. These apps give many ways to help students be creative while learning. iPads also have iBooks that are interactive! iBooks offers a huge selection ranging from children's books, novels, biographies, textbooks, and much more. The best part: most of them are FREE! By using the iBooks app, students can download chosen books so they will always have easy access to them (without having to visit their cubbies or book bags for each book they need). Because the iBooks are interactive, students will be able to highlight and make quick notes in them.

Below is the link to visit the Apple website:

iPads in the Classroom
"Children don't realize they are actually learning, they are just enjoying!"

Endless Advantages

iPads offer many diverse methods and strategies for instruction and allowing students to be more involved in the 21st century classroom. iPads are so easy to use that even pre-kindergarten students are able to maneuver around them. Below are links to three websites listing multiple advantages to having iPads in the classroom, and there are still so many more!

10 Big Benefits of Using iPads in Schools:


iPads in the Classroom:


18 iPad uses: How classrooms are benefiting from Apple's tablets:


What does research say?

Two educators worked with teachers and students integrating ways to correctly use iPads into the classroom. One teacher explained that her colleagues often used iPads for "fun time" on Friday afternoons, and she wanted to find ways to effectively use them as learning tools. After doing much research they found great results!

"Research says that iPads can improve classroom learning"

"Research says iPads improve student engagement"

"Research says that iPads have the potential to level the playing field for all students"


Transforming the Classroom with iPads
"Opportunity to give every child a chance to have success and feel success!"

Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

For students with special needs and learning disabilities, iPads are amazing tools for communication and individualization. They help decrease frustration, build confidence, and work on social skills.

10 Ways iPads Teach Kids With Learning Disabilities:


4 Ways iPads Are Changing The Lives Of People With Disabilities:


iPads in Education?

Why iPads in Education? Why not?