Woda Management

Resident-Focused Property Leadership

About Woda Management

For more than 24 years, Woda Management and Real Estate has provided leaseholder services and property upkeep for a diverse range of communities. The company operates as an arm of the Woda Group, which develops and renovates multi-family, single family, and senior housing communities. Woda Management maintains a particular interest in the maintenance of low-income housing, which makes up a large portion of its portfolio.

Woda Management attends carefully to each property with regular upkeep and renovation. It prioritizes the comfort of its residents and addresses the needs of the community with sustainable and energy-efficient building choices. The company works closely with residents of each community to determine their needs and collaborates with a variety of local non-profit organizations to improve residents' quality of life. Each Woda representative maintains an up-to-date knowledge of housing assistance and government regulations, while also going above and beyond industry standards to provide residents with a home in which they can feel comfortable and a community to which they can belong.