The Daintree Rainforest

By Ameer Munir in 5/6P


The Daintree Rainforest is a self-sustaining forest that has lived for over 135 million years and has several important elements ; warmth, rainfal, nutrients and sunlight. The rainforest has survived all natural disasters like volcanos, the rising and falling of sea levels, glacier[icebergs] movement and cyclonic winds. The first person to discover the Daintree rainforest was a man named Sir Joseph Banks in the early 1770's. George Dalrymple named the rainforest ' Daintree Rainforest ', for Richard Daintree in 1873 when he travelled over by boat.

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The Daintree Rainforest is a tropical Rainforest. The temperature is usually arounf 30 degrees and rainfall is common all year round. It is a very humid and wet environment. Tropical rainforests' contain more than a half of all the types of animals and plants on Earth. It is full of trees and shrubs and it would be very hard to look at the ground of the rainforest from birds eye view because of the emergent layer.

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  • The Daintree Rainforest has many different plants. There are over 800 different trees identified in the rainforest. There are other many different plants like; Ferns, Palms, King Ferns, Scarlet Beans, Spinning Top Fungi, Blue Orchids, Fairies Baskets and lots and lots of Vines!. One of the many plants in the Daintree is ' The Stinging Tree Plant '. The Stinging Tree Plant has 10,000 microscopic hairs on each leaf, if you were to touch this one leaf the hairs will dig into your skin and sting you. The stinging can last for over 6 months.Another scary plant in the Daintree is 'The Strangler Fig '. The Strangler Fig slowly grows onto any tree and slowly strangles the tree to death. There are some strange plants that grow in the rainforest like the ' Idiot Fruit Tree '.
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The Stinging Tree Plant


From Kangaroos that live in trees, to six foot tall prehistoric birds the Daintree has many animals.One of the rainforests' animal is ' The Boyds Forest Dragon '. The Boyds Forest Dragon is usually seen hanging on tree trunks motionless, but prounce with amazing speed on their prey. The Boyds Forest Dragon use camouflage to survive the rainforest and protect them selves from predators.They are only found in the wet tropics. Many other fauna inhabit this area such as The Southern Cassowary, The Giant Cockroach, The Green Tree Frog and many other animals.

Threats and Dangers:

There are many dangers that affect the Daintree Rainforest like; Cutting trees down also known as illegal logging, Climate changes, Roads being paved through the Daintree, Farmers that burn land for more farming area, People building houses. Another factor that threats the Daintree is the miners that clear mass lands of rainforests to dig up the dirt and extract minerals. There are also more than 400,000 tourists that come into the forest which means lots of buses plus some people travel by car in the rainforest and the forest cannot handle the amount of people that visit.

Possible Solutions:

There are lots of solutions to help save the Daintree rainforest like; Help stop farmers burning land, stop miners digging up land to extract minerals and minimise the amount of tourists that go there because tourists may litter through their tours and destroy vegetation by walking all over it, pulling leaves off trees and ripping bark