PBL ToolKit: Driving Question

Killian Middle School

Before our time on Wednesday:

  • Please fill out this form that will help ensure that your team's projects are staggered throughout the semester: http://bit.ly/17xOvXV
  • Standards Pg 35 (black book) and a general project idea

  • Content Collaboration-

    • Meet with your content partner. Look at pages 31-34 in the black book and read Places to Start the Wheels Turning

    • Come to the next session with one to three standards-Power

    • Stagger starts for projects

Recommended Scope for First Project:

  • 1-3 weeks duration (5-15 hours of class time)
  • 1 content area, 1 teacher
  • limited complexity and number of student products
  • classroom-based, instead of in the community

(BIE - PBL Starter Kit, p. 39)

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