Unit 9 - Working with others

Made by Jamie Smith 30.7.14

How to work well and contribute to the general innovation of projects.

When working in a group there will be a wide range of people with different personaliters, skills and ideas. To work well in a group these traits have to be used to their advantages. This can be done by allocating figuring out who is best suited for what job and assigning them to that. This will improve efficiency, productivity and keep time and resources to a minimum. In turn this will also use all skills to the best of their ability and make all workers feel valued and appreciated.

Exchanging Ideas

Another way to utilise skills is to exchange ideas throughout the group when problems arise or when something seems like it can be improved. This will also help team members feel valued and should also build friendships and connections between workers which again will help with keeping time and resources to a minimum.
Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

Ensure everybody is postive about the project

3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Good Communication


If all workers have their skills utilised properly then innovation should be guaranteed.