Mrs. R's Monthly Info

September Newsletter

Let's Keep Truckin' Along!

Ooofda! The first two weeks have FLOWN by! We've taken Reading and Math benchmark tests, a STARS reading test, had a fundraiser kickoff and a visit with Mrs. Schultz, and attended a Wakanheza assembly…..not to mention used computers to familiarize ourselves with the class website (and SUMDog), and the iPads to see where our homes are located on the Earth. Could we pack any more excitement into these 9 days?!

What's Happening?!

A brief overview of our plans:

Math: Chapter 1 will come to an end, and students will test on Friday the 19th. Chapter 2 delves further into adding and subtracting whole numbers. Students will be leveled for each unit based on their prior knowledge and skill.

Reading: Next week, we'll be reading Cocoa Ice, which ties nicely with our Social unit on geography (not to mention making homemade ice cream!). After that, our story is Officer Buckle and Gloria where we will be learning about safety (and inspecting our own school kitchen for any hazardous areas). After that, we will read Nate the Great, and hopefully get to join Mrs. Young's class in the Junior High FACS room to make pancakes!

Social/Science/Health: I attempt to connect our subjects as much as possible to make learning meaningful. See the above plan for reading, which identifies the units for Social/Science/Health (Landforms, Safety, Nutrition)

Odds and Ends

Please remember to check AND sign your child's planner EACH day. This is just one possibility to keep the lines of communication flowing between school and home. Other ways to contact us are via email (an email button is on the homepage of our website), or by calling us before or after school hours.

Never hesitate to send an email or call! We cannot succeed with your child without your support!

I also will be setting up an opportunity for you or someone you know to surprise your child by volunteering to be a "Mystery Guest Reader". Details and schedules are being finalized, so watch for an email or check our class website for a new tab called "Mystery Guest Reader".