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February 2019

Dear Chehalem Families,

Hope that all of you who got an opportunity to attend STEM Expo enjoyed seeing all the great student work and had fun participating in the activities. It was a wonderful celebration of our science, technology, engineering and math learning. Thanks to all of our teachers, and especially Beate Pryor for their hard work before and during the event.

Report cards went home on Monday with students. Remember that we don’t expect students to be proficient (scoring a 3 or 4) on many things at this time of the year. We are only half way through the year and students are still developing the skills they need to meet the end of year grade level standards, in order to be at the marked proficient or highly proficient level.

Please remember to sign the envelope and return it to the teacher so that they know you received the report card. The report card at the end of the year will be mailed home. As a reminder, there are only two formal report cards this year (February and June) and two other times to get progress on how your child is doing (parent-teacher conferences in October and April).

Please remember that 5th grade students are selling Valentine Candy Grams. Students can purchase them before school in the lobby every day though February 13th. They cost 50 cents for one or $7 if students want to purchase one for everyone in a class. Students can buy Grams for students not in their class. Candy Grams will be delivered on February 14th by the 5th grade classes. Proceeds go to the end of the year 5th grade celebration.

Thanks for your flexibility with the late start because of the snow. February can lead to some tricky weather and the District does their best to keep students and staff safe with their decisions related to delays and closures.

Looking forward to some spring weather at some point in the coming months!

Angee Silliman

Principal of Chehalem


Queridas familias de Chehalem,

Espero que todos los que tuvieron la oportunidad de asistir a la Exposición STEM disfrutaron viendo el excelente trabajo de los estudiantes y se divirtieron participando en las actividades. Fue una celebración maravillosa de nuestra ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería y aprendizaje matemático. Gracias a todos nuestros maestros, y especialmente a Beate Pryor por su arduo trabajo antes y durante el evento.

Las boletas de calificaciones fueron a casa el lunes con los estudiantes. Recuerde que no esperamos que los estudiantes sean competentes (con un puntaje de 3 o 4) en muchas cosas en esta época del año. Estamos a mitad de año y los estudiantes aún están desarrollando las habilidades que necesitan para cumplir con los estándares de fin de año para poder estar en el nivel de competencia o de competencia más alto.

Recuerde firmar el sobre y devolverlo al maestro para que sepa que recibió la boleta de calificaciones. La boleta de calificaciones al final del año se enviará a casa. Como recordatorio, solo hay dos boletines de calificaciones formales este año (febrero y junio) y otras dos veces para obtener el progreso en el desempeño de su hijo (conferencias de padres y maestros en octubre y abril).

Por favor recuerden que los estudiantes de 5to grado están vendiendo Valentine Candy Grams. Los estudiantes pueden comprarlos antes de la escuela en la sala de espera todos los días hasta el 13 de febrero. Cuestan 50 centavos por uno o $ 7 si los estudiantes quieren comprar uno para todos en una clase. Los estudiantes pueden comprar Grams para estudiantes que no están en su clase. Los Candy Grams se entregarán el 14 de febrero por las clases de 5to grado. Las ganancias van a la celebración de fin de año del quinto grado.

Gracias por su flexibilidad con el comienzo tardío debido a la nieve. Febrero puede llevar a un clima difícil y el Distrito hace todo lo posible para mantener a los estudiantes y al personal seguros con sus decisiones relacionadas con retrasos y cierres. ¡Esperamos un poco de clima primaveral en algún momento en los próximos meses!

Angee Silliman

Directora de Chehalem

Chehalem Word of Month- Focused


1) a thinking skill that allows people to begin a task and maintain their attention and effort until the task is complete

Upcoming Events & Reminders:

February 6 Walk and Bike to School

February 7 PTO Meeting (6:00pm)

February 12 Oregon Zoo Guest Speakers- Third Grade (8:30-9:20am)

February 18 President's Day- No School

February 20 Immunization Exclusion Day

February 21 Oregon Zoo Field Trip- Third Grade (9:15am)

February 21 PTO Bingo Night (6:00pm)

February 22 Chehalem School Spirit Day- Crazy Sock Day

February 26 Second Grade Music Performance (1:00pm)

Lost & Found

Please remind your child to check the lost & found rack in the school lobby for any missing clothing items. The lost & found is checked periodically for items with names written on the tags. Items found with names are returned.

All items remaining after Wednesday, February 13th will be donated to Beaverton School District Clothes Closet.

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Beaverton School District Procedures for Inclement Weather

When the weather gets snowy or icy, school schedules may be affected. The District generally posts the announcement of delayed school opening or school closure by 5:30 a.m. via District website, Facebook and Twitter All Portland Metro area media outlets announce the information on TV newscasts and online.

The District makes decisions based on the ability to operate school buses safely; the ability for students and parents to get to school safely, and the ability for employees to get to work safely and on time. The decision that is made will be for the entire District. As always, parents may choose to make different decisions based on their particular location. We encourage families to make transportation and attendance decisions for their child(ren) based on their own assessment of travel conditions at their location.

The District will notify parents and staff via SchoolMessenger with a Non-School Hours Emergency message. Please manage your communication preferences in SchoolMessenger InfoCenter.

For the latest inclement weather information:

When all district schools and facilities are closed

  • All daytime and evening activities/events on closure days are cancelled.

When there is a 2-hour delay in opening school

  • All schools will open two hours later than regularly scheduled.
  • The following classes are cancelled: AM early intervention, AM Preschool Classes, AM Health Careers, Auto Program & Terra Nova Program
  • Buses are on snow routes
  • There will be no bus service for Bonny Slope, Nancy Ryles and Sato elementary schools.
  • Bus services will not be provided to McKinney-Vento students living outside of the district.

When school is on time and buses are on snow routes

  • All schools operate on regular daily schedules.
  • There will be no bus service for Bonny Slope, Nancy Ryles and Sato elementary schools
  • Terra Nova Program is cancelled all day.
  • If the weather forecast calls for declining weather conditions throughout the day, the district will implement snow routes for PM dismissal.

When weather conditions necessitate an early closure of schools

  • We encourage you to refer to the BSD website, School Messenger and local media for more detailed information.
  • All daytime and evening activities/events are cancelled.

Wednesday – Early Dismissal School Days

  • The District will not have a 2-hour delay on Wednesday. The District will maintain a regular Wednesday schedule with Early Release or close schools for the day

Early Release Wednesday Collaboration

As a public school, we are fortunate to serve a diverse group of students and families. The needs of our 500 students vary significantly. For some students, needs are deeply rooted in academics. Whether it is enrichment beyond grade level expectations or assessment and intervention to address existing learning gaps, we meet students as they come and work diligently to make learning gains while they are ours. Other students have more basic needs, such access to food, trusting adult relationships, behavior, etc. which must be met first before academic growth can be recognized.

During the upcoming Administrative Directed Early Release, staff will be looking further at the social-emotional needs of our students. When educators collaborate, they expand their professional toolbox to address the diverse needs of students entering our classrooms each day.
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Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

Third, fourth, and fifth grade battles for Oregon Battle of the Books will be starting soon! Below are the dates and times for each grade level’s battles.

Third and fourth grade battles will each be held all on one day. If your student wins their battle, they will continue on. We will do this until we have the final two teams, and those teams will battle during lunch recess in the library. Fifth grade battles will be held over a two week span during their afternoon recess.

If you would like to attend your students’ battle, please pick up a visitor’s badge from the office and head down to the cafeteria/library during the designated time.

Third Grade Tournament

Friday, February 22nd from 8:45-10:30ish (until we have the top two teams) in the cafeteria Final battle during lunch recess in library 12:10-12:30

Fourth Grade Tournament

Friday, March 1st from 8:45-10:30ish (until we have the top two teams) in the cafeteria Final battle during lunch recess in library 11:20-11:40

Fifth Grade Battle Dates

  • Wednesday, February 20th during lunch recess 11:35-11:55 in library (Fortnite Bros vs. Teleporting Reading Wolves)
  • Thursday, February 21st during afternoon recess 2:00-2:20 in library (Copyright vs. Blue Lightning)
  • Thursday, February 28th during afternoon recess 2:00-2:20 in library (Book Exterminators vs. TBA)
  • Friday, March 1st during afternoon recess 2:00-2:20 in library (Final two teams)

Questions? Please contact Nicole Blanchard or Carlye Krohn (OBOB Co-Coordinators)

Stay Healthy this Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season has already begun, but there are things you can do to keep yourself and your children healthier. Prevention measures include washing your hands frequently, getting lots of rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Home is the best place for a child who is ill. The Too Sick for School informational flyer has guidelines to help you make the decision about when to keep your child home from school.

School Board Resolution on Improving Attendance

The Beaverton School Board believes that regular student attendance is essential for ensuring our students are on-track to learn and succeed. We know students who routinely attend school are more likely to achieve academic success, graduate from high school, and be prepared for college and career.

On average, chronically absent students miss two or more days a month—the equivalent of 10 percent or more of the school year. Chronic absence is a leading, early warning indicator of academic trouble and later dropout. Children from low-income communities are more likely to face systemic barriers to getting to school and, starting as early as prekindergarten, have higher levels of absence. Improving attendance is essential to ensuring more equitable outcomes.

Beginning in 2012 attendance has been tracked for all schools and student groups and is a key element in the District Strategic Plan. The Beaverton School Board supports a data-driven approach to attendance improvement. Data helps us determine where absenteeism is most concentrated (by school, grade, ethnicity, geography, income, etc.) and allows us to identify the causes of absenteeism. Through a strong analysis of attendance data, educators and administrators can identify barriers to attendance and provide students with targeted support.

The Beaverton School Board believes everyone has a role to play in ensuring that Beaverton students understand the importance of regular attendance. We encourage parents and family members to monitor student absences and have pro-active conversations about the importance of attendance. Trusting relationships—whether with teachers, mentors, coaches, or other caring adults—are critical to encouraging students to pay attention to multiple absences and to seek help to overcome barriers to attendance.

The Beaverton School Board acknowledges that improving attendance is critical to student success. As a whole community of students, parents, family members, mentors, coaches, educators, and administrators, we can set the expectation that attendance matters, every day.

Beaverton School Board

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Parking Lot Safety Reminders

  • When entering the parking lot during high traffic times (morning arrival and afternoon dismissal), please form two lanes; a right lane for curbside student pick-up/drop-off and a left lane for through traffic or those drivers wishing to park.
  • Student pick up is at the front of the school during arrival and dismissal times. Please show respect for our neighbors in the Four Seasons community (drive slowly, do not idle when waiting to drop off or pick up, remain close to your children when walking, etc.), if using pathways which lead to the school property.
  • Drive at a low speed through the parking lot, watching for children who are not always predictable in their walking patterns.
  • During morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, please stay in your car and pull as far forward as possible along the painted curb. The intent is for this area to be a pick-up/drop-off lane. Please move all of the way forward in your car to allow for others to pull in behind.
  • You may let children out of your vehicle in the space between the blue sign and the red sign in the front of the school.
  • Students must exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Adults are asked to remain at the wheel—duty staff is happy to assist students with doors.
  • Please use the marked crosswalk to enter the building and/or return to your car. Model patience and attentiveness when interacting with Crossing Guards as your children will emulate your behaviors.

Thank you for your help in making sure our Chehalem students, families, and staff are able to arrive to and depart from school safely!
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