Tooth Cave Spider

An Itsy Bitsy Spider Story

About the Spider

The tooth cave spider is a 1/16 inch long arachnid. It is endemic to Texas found only in the Edward's Plateau in Travis County and is considered an endangered species. This spider has a pale-cream color, very long legs, and six eyes that are hardly visible.

Endangerment of this Species.

This species of spider can only survive on the walls and ceiling of the caves around the Edward's Plateau. It feeds on the microarthropods the it snares in its small tangle of webs and wraps with its unusually long legs.

The main reason that this species has been endangered is the loss of its habitats due to urban development around the area. Many of the caves that the spider have dwelled in have been paved over or filled in, and contaminates from surrounding construction have also posed a threat on the survival of this species.