United Nations Missions In Sudan

UNMIS's role in the Darfur genocide

They launched a huge humanitarian operation in Darfur. They started expanding activities in response to the needs of people being displaced due to violence.

How is the UNMIS help protect human rights

They are keeping them safe and making sure that they are not being killed. Some human rights would be article 3 (Right to Life,Liberty, Personal Security).

what is UNMIS's authority in the mission

To provide peace and security and to help establish the conditions for development. UNMIS tried to strengthen the government of the republic of South Sudan.

Who is supporting the UNMIS mission

Everybody that is involved in the United Nations like Netherlands, Ethiopia, Pakistan, South Africa

How do the UNMIS get their resources that they use to help the mission succeed

By the counties that are leading the mission

What has been their success in Darfur

They have provided good offices and political support.