Adventureland Parent Connect

December 2014

Bible Verses

Q - “Quit you like men, be strong” 1 Cor. 16:13

Quit- hold left hand palm up and come down with right hand like a “chop” landing on your left palm.

You- point out to another person

Like men- spread your right fingers and touch your forehead to your forehead and then touch the middle of your chest with your thumb.

Be strong- put your arms out and make them like muscle man

R- Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy. Exodus 20:8

Remember- point to the right side of your head

the Sabbath day- put your right elbow into your left palm with your right arm standing straight up and your fingers in a "d" lower your right arm down onto your left arm to signify a day.

to keep it Holy- left palm is face up. right hand forms an "h" and hovers over the left palm.

December 21 Birthday for Jesus Party

The 3's and 4's and Pre K will hop over to the cafeteria to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our E-town friends. The walkers and twos will have a treat in their classroom. We will come back to adventureland for a veggie tales Christmas movie to end the festivities!! Should be tons of fun!

Christmas Eve Service

The Covington Campus will host a service at 5:00 on Christmas Eve. Please join us as we take some time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy an evening of worship.
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