The Blind Mice

How Three Brothers Cleared Their Name

Not Your Typical Nursery Rhyme

My name is Uno and my brothers, Dos and Tres, have been through some tough times lately. We were selected to be a part of the toughest gang in "Far Far Away" when we were just 9 years old. During one of the hazing rituals, all three of us lost our vision, and after that the Ring Leader, Rumpelstiltskin, told us we were in. We ran with the Humpty Dumpty Egg-Heads for twenty years before things got really shady. It all happened when The Old Woman and The Old Man decided they wanted to step on to the Egg-Head territory.

Dos and Tres and I were walking to breakfast one morning and we noticed this new place on the corner of Tinker and Bell. The smell of apple pie filled the air and we couldn't help but go in. We didn't think anyone else was in the shop so we decided to sniff around. Out of no where, The Old Woman barged in and started smacking the pies out of our hands. Her husband rushed in and demanded we leave.

"We haven't done anything man!" Dos was trying to reason with the man but none of us could see what he looked like.

A woman's voice pierced our ears. "Give us everything you rats!"

"Don't do this to us man, we blind!" Suddenly I felt a slap across my face and my brothers and I all hit the floor. We heard a commotion around by the door and that's when the lies started.

"Oh Mr. Charming look what these Gangsters are trying to do to us! Steal our pies and all our things!" Mr. Charming was the Chief of Police in Far Far Away and has been out to get us for years.

"Well, well, well.." We could hear the clang of the handcuffs and keys getting closer. Without question we are thrown in the back of the squad car and taken to the station. We had been arrested for the first time in twenty years because of nothing. We had been running black market sugar cane to the Muffin Man for almost a decade and have yet to be caught. We had no way to pay bail because that's forbidden in the gang and if you're locked up, you stay locked up. Because of our past events Mr. Charming wanted us put away for life and found someway to charge us with a felony.

"Uno man! What is going on?"

"I don't know Tres...I don't know."

My first phone call went to Saul, the best Public Defender in all of the land. After a talk with him he told us that The Old Woman and The Old Man were trying to get us convicted of all the tings the Egg-Head's had done in the past. Based on the evidence these people magically seemed to have, Saul said the Grand Jury would have no choice but to indict us.

"How could this happen?" Tres said on our second night in the slammer. I didn't have an answer for him. How could these random people have evidence to trap us? Where did they come from? We tried to get a plea bargain if we gave up some old cases from the gang and even offered to give away the location of Jack's stash of magic beans for release. No one would go for an arrangement for us blind mice. Our day came when we had to go before the petit jury and we all figured it was over. Then we figured it out! Little Red Riding Hood! She passed the shop while the Old Couple were beating us and trying to steal from us. We knew it was her because of the cookies she baked for her grandmother. (Having no eyes makes for a pretty keen sense of smell)

"All rise!" As the judge walked in we tried to get Saul's attention about our witness. When we explained to him that this was sure fire, he told the judge and a subpoena was given to Red for her testimony on out behalf. Red was a good kid and has always had our backs in the past. That basket of hers is good for hiding more than snicker doodles. After the news of Red and what she might say came out, the prosecution became putty in our hands. Their lawyer backed out and the Old Couple were forced to tell everything. As it turns out, The Old Man and The Old Woman were actually running from the feds after a messy situation in Neverland involving some pirates and some fairy dust. And fairy dust, is nothing to mess with. They said they knew about us and the Egg-Head's and when we walked into the shop, it was child's play from there. They wanted to steal from us and then stage it so we caught the heat. Super sneaky but oh how the tables have turned.

"Who's the defendant now?" My brother Dos yelled at the couple. He was quickly shushed for a smoother trial. He's always been the firecracker. The deranged Old Woman tried to claim things like perjury to mess up our case against them but we knew we were solid. After a speedy trial, the verdict was in and the Old Man and the Old Woman were convicted of 6 counts of Grand Larceny among other things from their shady past. No appeal was need because everything about this was pretty open and shut. Our names were clear and we finally got out of the gang. Rumple understood and wished us well.

"I hate to see my best guys go but at least you guys can't testify what I look like!" He always likes to make jokes even when they aren't that funny.

"Say Uno and Tres! Wanna get some pie now?" We all laughed and walked towards freedom and cherry pie.

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