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Quote Master

"At parties, I was starting to get real lonely, even when there were other people around me, and it's worse when you leave." (Page 5)

From this selection we can tell that Titus wanted to be with someone again. He felt lonely at parties even though he was surrounded by a lot of people. He said it's worse when you leave because you are reminded of everything you missed and that he wants someone to leave with so he can have company. This is the case with a lot of teenagers nowadays who go to parties but they still feel alone and like it wouldn't matter to anyone if they left the party or never showed up in the first place.

"Our feeds were clear again from all the moon banners, so far a long time we all watched the football game while the girls, they did something else on the feed" (Page 9)

From this selection we can understand that Titus and his friends had a software called feed in their head which could be compared to a phone that teenagers are obsessed with today. The boys would use their feeds to watch football games like the boys today use their phones to watch games too. We see the relevance of feed in the book relates to our phones in our lives.

Reflection on Discussion


We discussed how feed has become something Titus and his friends have become obsessed with just like teenagers today are obsessed with their phones and the internet. They wake up and they're on their feeds and people now wake up and check their phones first. The Discussion Director asked us about another trend today that is similar to the trend of lesions. We discussed how many trends like the trend of lesions can be related to a trend today. A pointless trend everyone seems to follow such a vaping or low riding their pants which seem to be pointless but will be a fad that is later forgotten about. Just like the different hairstyles the girls on "Feed" keep changing into. When a new trend starts they forget about the old one. The connector helped tell us about the resemblances between the teenagers in the book and us today.


Discussion Director

If you could get feed like Titus and his friends would you? What do you think would be the benefits or the negatives of this?

-> We wouldnt want to get feed as it seems to have been addictive for them. They felt like their head was empty without it. They couldnt live a fun and happy life without it and felt bored. They wouldnt go out and explore the world. They hardly used their imagination or knowledge to solve problems. They would just look everything up on the feed. Without the feed we can go enjoy our lives out in the world without being addicted to it. Some of the positives would be quick problem solving methods during dangerous situations and extensive knowledge.

Reflection On Discussion

We discussed about how it is important to go out and not be tied down to the internet or your phone. It is important to keep learning more about the world and yourself and how these things can really benefit us. We talked about how children these days have an iPod or iPad and other electronics at a very young age and seem to get obsessed with it. When we were little we werent allowed to have electronics like that and this is proof of how the world is changing and placing a lot of importance on their phones and other electronic gadgets. The connector explained how in the book Violet had got her feed installed at a very young age of 7 and has been using it ever since just like our siblings/nephews or just random children you meet are always playing games on their gadgets. In class we watched a video called "Look up" which made us realize that we can miss a lot of things when wemre too busy being distracted by the internet or our phones. Titus and his friends realize how empty they feel when their feed was hacked which shows us how addicted they are to it.


Media Guru

During this discussion we watched this video and discussed on why teenagers feel the need to be addicted to social media which relates to M.T Anderson's novel- Feed as Titus and his friends are addicted to the feed and feel empty without it. Teenagers feel the need to be constantly occupied and in contact with each other whether they are far away or close. Titus and his friends chat on the feed even when they're in the same room just as teenagers today text each other when they're in the same place at the same time. We discussed how this addiction starts from a very small age. Kids these days know a lot about using their phones and other gadgets. They prioritise the need to chat on the feed and following more trends than spending time talking with each other and going out more.



During this discussion we tried to relate topics from Part 4: Slumberland to our daily life. In this chapter we see the Titus begins to ignore Violet as things worsen for her and we notice how teenagers these days are very moody and demanding. We want whatever is new and in. Without thinking about consequences we say what we think. Towards the end of the book Titus realises his true emotions for Violet. We can relate to this as we sometimes do not realise how much small things can mean to us unless its taken away from us. We spend all our time behind our phones and on the internet and we will soon regret missing out on opportunities to go out and do new things. This addiction can also be related to Titus and his friends being obsessed with the feed and constantly using it. Thinking the world we live in is a perfect and ideal society when in reality we are wasting our time behind screens and electronics instead of living life to the fullest.