RGP GOALS 2015-16

ESL Learning .... Using Digital Resources Daily

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My students collaborate and learn in various ways in my classroom.

Students in 2nd/3rd grade will work in teams or triads to develop digital projects that support their learning. For example, third grade partners illustrated a three stanza poem and recorded their voices as they recited the poetry supporting the ELL standard: SPEAKING.


Student activities have an audience that can be addressed by incorporating digital resources for classroom sharing (audience relevance).

Guided Reading projects highlight the work and skills developed through ESL engagement in learning. Students K-3 have developed projects to support sequencing, vocabulary development, and reading structure in Wixie, Pages, and Comic Life. Third graders utilized DE Board Builder for the Hurricane Katrina project and Thinglink for non-fiction research projects. Second and third graders utilize Edmodo to communicate ideas and thoughts related to the novel study in ESL.


Use grouping to deliver small-group and individual instruction with a purpose.

We are somewhat restricted in the learning space for ESL; however, we have been able to engage in many opportunities that support learning and grouping of students is always considered. This might include individual work or projects and group projects. The last two months, Title One has shared their unused downstairs classroom in the morning which has opened greater possibilities for interactive, self-selected, and teacher assigned groups.