To Be or Not to Be (British)!

Loyalist vs Patriot

Your Mission!

To Be or Not to Be (British)!

This just in! Loyalists and Patriots are facing off on the subject of independence from Britain! To be or not to be! Your mission is to research a famous colonist! In a bitter battle between the two factions, you will act as your assigned colonist in a filmed debate. You must persuade the world that independence from Britain or loyalty to the King is key. Your classmates will weigh in using Twister and online surveys.

Week One:

  1. Read material over both Loyalist and Patriots.

  2. Create debate points (questions and answers) over each colonist studied.

Week Two:

  1. Your teacher will assign your colonist (either Loyalist or Patriot).

  2. Refine your debate points.

  3. Participate in a filmed debate with another colonist (Loyalist vs Patriot).

  4. Respond to debates with Twister (fake Twitter comment) and complete online survey to weigh in on the debate).
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Patriot Vs Loyalist Debate

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 3am

501 West Russell Street

Weatherford, TX

Coming to your classroom the week of December 9, 2015.

Tweet it!

Respond to the debate you just watched by using Twister. Tweets can be printed or recorded in a QR code.
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