Español 1

Understanding Grades - Block

Last Day to Submit Second Quarter Work: December 31, 2015 11:55pm

Grades, Grades, Grades

It's not meant to be a mystery! This newsletter will help you understand how your NCVPS Spanish 1 grade is calculated. You will probably want to refer to this throughout the course. If you have any questions, please let me know…I'm here to support you!

How to find your 1st Quarter Grades

How to Find your 2nd Quarter Grades

What is the Break Down of my quarter grade?

Please notice that you can not skip certain types of assignments and pass the course. In order to pass you must work on all of your assignments….not just the multiple choice quizzes.
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Participation 10%

This section includes the

- Getting Started Activities (mostly English assignments)

- eLinguafolio (English reflection about your proficiency)

- RLC (English reflection and attendance of RLC -- you must attend live)

Speaking and Listening Assignments 15%

This section includes audio files that you will create (you speaking Spanish) and computer graded listening quizzes.

Reading and Writing Assignments 15%

This section includes writings that you do in Spanish and computer graded reading quizzes. When you are writing…you are not allowed to receive any help (from people or electronic devices/resources). The purpose of the writing is to give you practice applying the vocabulary and grammar in context.

Vocabulary Quizzes 20%

This is everyone's favorite…a multiple choice quiz. You must receive a 70% or higher to move forward and only have one chance to take the quiz. Study first!

Cultural Activities 15%

There is one cultural activity per unit. This is an English reflection about the culture.

Summative Projects 25%

There is one final project per unit. This is your Chapter Test! Make sure to complete these .. you don't want a 0% on a test grade!

Grammar Quizzes

There is at least one grammar quiz per lesson. You must make a 70% or higher on the quiz to continue with the lesson. You have multiple attempts to pass the quiz. These are computer graded short answer/multiple choice questions. Take the quiz until you are satisfied with your score and understanding of the grammar.

How is my Final Grade Calculated?

Note: The Final Project is an average of your Final Exam (multiple choice and short answer -- Listening/Reading) and the Final Course Final Project (a presentation and reflection).
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Señora Velazquez

Let me know how I can help you. I want each of you to be successful this semester.