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Looking for an attorney?

Looking for an attorney to represent your lawsuit? K & K Law Firm has the best attorneys in the Southeast. We deal specifically with Civil cases so our attorneys know the ins and outs of the justice system better than anyone. With that said, below is some information you should familiarize yourself with before pursuing a law suit. Understanding the basic concepts of how your case will run will speed up your case and better allow our attorneys to serve you by focusing on the evidence.

What You Should Know:

What to do before the trial

Pre-trial discussions will be held between your attorney and the defendant's. Further conferences might be required by the judge of your case to help settle any discrepancies and clarify all evidence before the trial begins. This will help your trial move more smoothly so be sure to have all your facts and evidence lined up as you will be held to a preponderance of evidence standard. This means that you have the "Burden of Proof" or responsibility to prove prove your claim through sufficient evidence and testimonies.

Alternative Routes

If it is decided that your case will be better disputed by a neutral third party than a judge, then you will have one of two options: mediation and arbitration. In mediation, you and your defendant will sit under the supervision of a third party person and dispute a resolution. Arbitration is the next option after a failed mediation. In arbitration, the meeting between you, the defendant and the third party judge will be fully conducted by the third party. This person will review the evidence and decide on a reasonable settlement. Keep in mind that this settlement is not always in the favor of both parties.

Trial Time!

Assuming that your case does make it to trial, here is what to expect. Your attorney and the defendant's attorney will present their cases to the judge/and or jurors. Witnesses can be called to the stand and all evidence will be fully examined. At the end of the trial, if the jury and judge feel there is enough information to make a decision, they will release the verdict. We at K & K only take cases we feel confident will win in court! So when the verdict is released you can rest assured knowing that it will be in your favor and you will hear the charges that the defendant will be held to! If for some reason your case does not win, K & K will cover the full cost of your attorney as well as help you appeal your case to a higher court!