By: Jacque Harrington


  • Born in 1518 in Venice Italy
  • Spent most of his life in Venice
  • Trained in a Venetian workshop during the 1530's
  • His dad was a Venetian cloth dryer so he spent most of his time helping his dad out
  • His works were mainly departed from Titan's naturalistic idiom
  • His early works were Christ Among The Doctors which he made from 1541-1542
  • Tintoretto did not select between patrons instead he fulfilled local demands
  • He painted a lot of Humanism and Classicism because he created a lot of self portraits and focused on religion

Female Portrait

  • This piece is called Female Portrait
  • This was created in the late 16th century
  • There is no specifics on where this can be found
  • The significance of this piece is it depicts what a woman was like during the Renaissance
  • This piece is a fairly happy upper class women in the Renaissance period getting a self portrait

  • The “ism” that is most closely related to this piece is humanism because it is focusing on humans and their “emotion” as seen in the picture

  • I find this piece interesting because it stands out from everything else. It comes across as a piece that is not commonly found at least from my experience as an artist

  • If you are interested in finding this piece click this link and select the first picture you see Female Portrait Link

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