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Are you Week A or Week B?

The week of Oct. 17-21 is Week B. The following classes have a library lesson: K, 1, 4,5, 6, Power, Alvarado.

Check-out is for the following classes: 2, 3

Technology - Read Works

Are you looking for some help with reading skills and comprehension lesson plans? The website ReadWorks offers various plans for different reading skills. They have several reading passages as well as novel unit studies. Check it out! There is a wealth of information on the site.

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A STEAM Makerspace is coming to the library

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

What is it? The Makerspace is an area for students to create, imagine, plan, build, problem solve, rebuild, and collaborate with others. It is a way for students to apply and connect with their learning. A letter will be going home shortly with students asking each grade level for certain donations.

Everyone can donate so check your house for any building type toys you want to get rid of, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, anything extra. Whatever you may want to throw away, just ask, I may be able to use it!! Thank you all so much!


Please help me in reminding students to not touch the LockBlock on their way out of the library. Over the last couple of weeks there have been times that the LockBlock has been pushed in as students are leaving the library. This locks the door preventing other students from entering the library.