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PowerPoint software allows students to create visually appealing presentations in a creative and unique manner. PowerPoint software is known to be the most used presentation tool within the field of education.
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PowerPoint in the classroom

Teachers are using the PowerPoint software in various ways within the classroom. Here are some examples:

Research Project Presentations

  • Students are being assigned to research a specific person or a certain culture and then present their findings in an interactive and creative PowerPoint presentation. Students simply place their findings onto PowerPoint slides and then present what they have created to their classroom peers.

Curriculum Review

  • Teachers are creating interactive games (Jeopardy), that help students review or learn given curriculum in a fun and interactive manner. PowerPoint Jeopardy allows students to learn and review material in a way that is far from ordinary.

Direct Instruction

  • Teachers are creating interactive and visually appealing lectures. PowerPoint allows for teachers to stray away from the regular lecture system. This in turn allows students to receive full instruction in a way that is engaging and most importantly effective.

Student Work Admiration

  • Teachers are creating PowerPoint presentations that solely involve pictures of work that has been created by their students. Teachers might display this PowerPoint presentation during an open house event or as a fun end of the year activity. Displaying images of student work allows for teachers to show pride in his or her students, and overall create classroom unity.

Some ideas on how to use PowerPoint in a classroom:

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Resources to help you get started: