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Saint John XXIII June 21, 2020

We recognize National Indigenous Peoples Day today. We honour the beautiful culture and heritage of our First Nations, Inuit and Metis families and ancestors

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Leadership Message

SJXXIII Year-End: Drive-Thru Edition

"This celebration was so much more than a typical Grade 4 Farewell-it taught that love and kindness will find a way to shine, it taught resilience." -Sandra VanHecke

Well SJ Village, we made it; by the Grace of God, the power of LOVE, and the capacity of the village that wraps around our kids. It was not easy for any one staff member or student or family. It stretched each of us in ways that we never imagined. COVID-19 will be a time we will remember and when we look back, my hope is that are able to see what it taught us and use this learning to be better together.

I hope we will be able to say that COVID-19 and remote learning reminded us of how essential our home-school-parish partnerships are; that love, hope and faith go hand and hand with us in crisis. I hope we stay committed to giving one another the space and grace to learn and to fail, to take risks and take ourselves just a little lighter. I hope we continue to appreciate and have empathy for the fact that, social media and school newsletters are our "highlight reels" and the quiet, confidential reaching out and help from school staff are done without anyone else knowing. I hope we remember that each of us has a story; with struggles and successes, hills and valleys. I hope that we recall that every person does the best they can with what they have. I hope that we move forward, taking our steadfast faith and capacity to love, that we have encountered through this unique time, and let it be the foundation that we take each step from.

I hope we always remember how we came together, regardless of our individual experiences, for our kids, to make their school community a place of love, hope, and joy. This was so apparent at the Year-End and Grade 4 Farewell Drive Thrus. No matter what we, as parents and staff, were feeling or experiencing, we showed up for our students with smiles and joy. We left the big worries to the big people and let our littles have closure with bubbles and balloons, smiles and laughter, water guns and messages of love and appreciation.

As we say farewell to 2019-2020 and wonder what 2020-2021 will look like, I hope we continue to be the amazing Saint John XXIII village that we are and always, Love-First, Last and Always.

God bless you always and may you embrace the peace and joy of summer! Stay safe and healthy!


Mrs. Boehm, Principal

Year End Drive Thru: Friday, June 19

Year End Assembly: Friday, June 19

St John XXIII Year End Celebration June 2020

Last week for Library book drop off this week. A book bin will be out by our front door Monday-Friday this week

Congratulations to our Christian Leadership Award Recipients

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Last week's challenge: Shout out to our Dads, Stepdads, Grandpas, Papas!

Saint John Year end Animoto Slideshow Pre-k to Grade 3

Saint John XXIII 2019-2020 Pre-K-Grade 3 Year-end Video 1080p

Re-Entry: Planning and Preparing for September 2020

On Wednesday, June 10th, Minister of Education LaGrange released a number of documents that will guide the decision on whether classes will resume within our schools in September 2020. A decision will be made on August 1, 2020 and the Ministry of Education has created a website that has all the re-entry plans and specific information for parents.

This week SJXXIII staff will be working hard to prepare for the potential scenarios for the fall. Once the decision is made by the government on August 1 and we come back to plan for the specific scenario announced, we will be able to share more information with you.

Supplies: Teachers will be creating a very generic grade level school supply list for each grade which we will post on our website and Facebook. We will also share these lists with you via PowerSchool Messenger. Staples will also provide our families with a Preferred Partnership rate, free delivery and replacement warranty.

Farewell Ms. Dexter, Mrs. Hinger and Mrs. Wright. Thank you for your commitment to SJXXIII.

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School fees are past due, please contact Mrs. Potter if you have any questions or concerns.

Team SJXXIII 2020-2021

At this time, here is our line-up for next year:

Pathways: Mrs. Tracey Pineau

Kindergarten: Mrs. Amy Ekdahl

Grade 1 Team: Mrs. Lesley Holt & Ms. Stephanie Bennett

Grade 2 Team: Mrs. Lisa Morin & Mrs. Yvette Morin

Grade 3 Team: Ms. Ronalee Bourassa, Mrs. Stephanie Scott & Mrs. Rita Astalosch

Grade 4 Team: Mrs. Jackie Comartin, Mrs. Kassia Selinger & Mrs. Sarah Schaub

*each class will have a "home-base teacher, along with a team to support their faith, learning, social-emotional, and mental health needs

Music: Mrs. Sarah Schaub

Early Learning Music: Mrs. Melanie Doderai

Chaplain: Mrs. Jackie Comartin

Collaborative Response Coordinator: Mrs. Tara Kucy

Family Wellness Worker: Mrs. Eleanor Heesing

Principal: Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Rita Astalosch

Secretary: Mrs. Barb Potter

Library Tech: Mrs. May-Lee Buban

Educational Assistants:

Mrs. Michelle Mudry

Mrs. Roxanne Kellogg

Mrs. Cindy Latreille

Mrs. Adrienne Little

Mrs. Gwen Manca

Mrs. Lindsey Luyckfassel

Mrs. Jacqueline White

Miss Chelsea Visser

Student Support Team: Mrs. Boehm, Mrs. Astalosch, Mrs. Heesing & Mrs. Kucy

June Report Cards are ready via PowerSchool Parent Portal-let Mrs. Potter know if you have any challenges accessing

Grade 4 Farewell Drive Thru Edition

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OLA Parish Connection

Regular daily masses are now open. See website for times:

Sunday Livestream Masses will continue at

10:00 am via Facebook

Pre-Registration for Sunday Masses in effect: Saturday 5:15 pm, Sundays 8:30, 10, 11:30 am

Click Sign-up Genius link:

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Saint John XXIII School Council News

Thank YOU Parent School Council Executive: Leslie-Anne Oshust, Vanessa Gillis, Alana Seymour and Sherry Charron for the amazing year-end drive-thru and gifts! We are so blesed!

Important SJPII Playground News: Upcoming Bottle Drive (please help our SJPII kids get a playground)

It's essential that we get the support of the future students of JP2 as well as the current students in order to build a playground they'll all get to enjoy. We have to raise approximately $15,000 more to match the total grant we received in April based on initial quotes.This may change once we go to tender. Up to this point we have been able to raise just over $30,000 but that was primarily with the help from families with children in JP2. I know that if we can all work together we will be able to accomplish this! Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you, Sam LeDrew


Fort Saskatchewan Catholic School Families, With the CFEP grant we received in April we are so close to making this dream of building a playground at St. John Paul II a reality. However we still have a little more we need to raise to match the grant amount. With the continued support of both present and future students and their families we are very optimistic we could start construction on the JPII playground site next summer. Thank you for the help thus far!

Please keep all your recyclables for our bottle drive fundraiser When: SUNDAY, JULY 5th 1:00-3:30pm Where: JP2 bus loop (9975-93 ave) Who: Everyone and please share with your friends and family on social media. What do I do when I arrive?: Because of Covid-19 we will be asking that drivers pull up to the side of the trailer and stay in the vehicle we will be wearing masks and gloves and will take the bottles out of your truck or trunk. Once we are done we will step away and wave :) If you would rather take it out of your vehicle please exit your vehicle and let us know and we will remain 6 feet away for your protection. How can I help?: Besides sharing your bottles with us, we are looking for 2 drivers to do collections at other locations. People will place their bottles at the edge of their driveways for a fast and easy pick up. Once you have a full load we would unload from the truck or van at the school.
Can't make it but have bottles to donate?: If you can't make it during that time but have bottles you can do one of two things:
1. On Sunday anytime before 1:00 drop off your bottles on the sidewalk of the bus loop.
2. Anytime before Sunday email or on Sunday you can text or call 780-722-4442 with your address and let us know you have bottles you need picked up!


Your FSCSPS Chairs

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EICS Transportation Reminder


If transportation services will be required for the 2020-2021 school year please complete a new Transportation Request Form found on your PowerSchool Parent Portal under the SchoolEngage tab on the left-hand menu. Transportation requests received after June 30th may result in your child being placed on a wait list until busing loads are confirmed.

Transportation Fees will be reflected on your child’s PowerSchool account within 7 business days for requests received prior to July 1st. Busing requests received in the month of July will have fees posted in PowerSchool after August 7th.

  • Busing will be assigned once the payment plan has been set up OR upon receipt of full payment of fees.
  • Your child’s assigned bus operator will contact you 7-10 days prior to school start up.
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