Help with Hotlines

By:Melanie Benner

If you or someone close to you is in danger of Drug Abuse, check out some of these helpful Hotlines!!!


All hotlines offer quick, help from a professional. They can give you advice as to what to do if a loved one is in danger or if you are in danger of drug abuse. Also by calling a hotline you can feel safe because it does not require you to talk to someone face to face and the people are there to help you and do everything they can for you.

Drug Help Hotline Liberty Missouri

Phone: (855) 900-3105


Address: Liberty Detox Centers Liberty, MO 64068 USA

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Partnership for a Drug Free America

Phone: 1-855-DRUGFREE


General Address: Partnership for Drug-Free Kids 352 Park Avenue South, 9th Floor New York, NY 10010

Other helpful Hotlines

Alcohol/Drug Abuse Hotline- 1-800-252-6465

Mental health Assoc. Help Line- 913-281-1234

Tri-County Mental Health Services- 468-0400