God, Common Figure, and Holy Book

They believe there is one god, called Allah

Islam's Common Figure is the prophet Abraham

They also go by the holy book called the Koran

The Koran is the Islam holy book

Key Beliefs

The Islams believe in Zakat which is the day you give to the needy

They also believe in the five pillars which has to do with a few days of religion

Practices and Rituals

Some practices is praying on fridays at noon at a Mosque which is a place of worship

This is a picture of people going to a mosque

Place of Worship & Worship Leaders

The place where Islams worship is at a mosque like I said before

At a mosque the worship leader is a Imam


  1. Sunni
  2. Shi'i

Holidays/ Holy Days


This is the common holy site of the Islams as well