Cell Analogy

A Cell is Like A Party -Keaton Anderson


The Nucleus is like the host because he runs the party just like the Nucleus runs the cell.
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The Lysosomes are like the trash cans at the party because it hold all of the waste that they have just like how the Lysosomes take care of the cells waste
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Endoplasmic Reticulum

The ER is like the Pizza place because they prepare the pizza for delivery just like how the ER prepares the proteins for packaging.
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The Golgi is like the pizza delivery man because he comes to the party and feeds the party people just like how the Golgi delivers nutrient packages to the cell.
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Plasma Membrane

The Plasma Membrane is like the security guards at the party because the security guards determine what get in and out of the party, jut like how the cell membrane determines what gets in and out of the cell.


The Vacuole is like the food table because the food table holds all of the food and drinks that the people at the party might want. Just like how the vacuole hold all of the nutrients the cell needs.
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