Cullman City Schools

The Week in Review - March 15, 2019

Miss Southerner and Fair Queen Representative Chosen

Last Saturday the Miss Southerner and Fair Queen Representative pageants were held. It was an exciting time for the young ladies who competed. Congratulations to the winners and to all of the lovely contestants.

You can view the pageant on the NFHS Network here.

Below is Miss Southerner Kylie Hawkins and Fair Queen Representative Lauren Grace Evans

Kylie Hawkins and Lauren Grace Evans

CMS in Focus

These CMS students were beautifully captured by local photographer Lisa Jones (of Lisa Jones Photography) in an image that depicts just a few of the possibilities that exist for our students as they grow and develop their interests and skills. Lisa captioned the picture Find Your Passion. What a great challenge for all of our students.

Thank you Lisa Jones for this beautiful photograph.

CMS students showing various interests and skills, photo by Lisa Jones

We're Better Together!

Below is just a sample of Something Told the Wild Geese, performed by a combined East and West Elementary Chorus, earning a superior rating at the AVA State Choral Competition. So proud of these students and Mr. Tim Clemmons!

The Economics of Second Grade

Understanding the concepts of economics is tough. These EES second graders are getting a handle on what it all really means. Students formed companies and produced a product to sell. Students used ledgers, created product plans, practiced measurement and money skills while building and launching their business!
second graders at the classroom store
building the product
building a product for economics unit
students with ledger of sales

Archers Finish at the Top Again

CMS took home top honors last Saturday at the King of the North archery tournament in Guntersville. Our archers continue to have outstanding performances at their tournaments. Evan D. finished first in the boys division and Briana second in the girls division. Great job Bearcats!
CMS Archers with trophy and medals

Band Success at MPA

Congratulations to the Symphonic and Concert Bands for their success at the 2019 Alabama Bandmasters Association State Music Performance Assessment.

The Concert Band, conducted by Doug Teuscher, received all “Excellent” ratings for their stage performance and an “Excellent” rating in sight-reading.

The Symphonic Band, conducted by Christopher Smith, received all “Superior” ratings for their stage performance and a “Superior” rating in sight-reading. This is the 26th year in a row that the Symphonic Band has received an overall “Superior” rating at State Music Performance Assessment.

Symphonic Band

Alabama All State Choir Concert

Congratulations on an outstanding performance for these CHS students at the Alabama All State Choir Concert last Saturday.

Mary Claire Page, Dawson Culver and Alyssa Sandlin are shown below with Mrs. Skinner.

CHS concert choir members

Never Bored with Board Game Day

CCPS continues their Board Game Day initiative this year. This is one of the most successful projects on campus and a most anticipated day! Great skills are built and great fun is had by everyone!
Zebra Board Game Day

The Wizards of OZobots

These WES students are becoming wizards at making their Ozobots perform. Whether color coding or using block code in Ozoblockly, these students had some great results!
Students plan and design their Ozobot course
Students placing Ozobot on the Chromebook screen to program the Ozobot.

CCPS Book Fair

The CCPS Book Fair wrapped up yesterday. It was a great event. There were lots of purchases and lots of happy readers!
CCPS Book Fair set up
CCPS student sharing a book from the Book Fair with his sibling.