I Am Number Four

Pittacus Lore


-John Smith: main character and is number four Power telekinesis, precognition, pyro kinesis, healing, telepathy

-Sam Goode: best friend trusty sidekick to John

-Henri Smith: Guardian of John Smith pretends to be father

-Sarah Hart: girlfriend of John Smith

-Mark James: bully and ex boyfriend of Sarah

-Bernie Kosar: sidekick shape shifting guardian of John

-Maren Elizabeth: number six power invisibility, telekinesis, elemental manipulation

-Mogadorians: The evil villains that kill the loric numbers 1-9


Lorian was endanger attacked by the mogadorians the Loric leaders had no choice but to send the chosen ones to a safe place with their guardians where they could grow up and one day save the planet. The bad news is they are being hunted The mogadorians know they are on earth and will not stop till they kill them all . Numbers One, Two and Three are dead. The mogadorians know they are on earth This is the story of Number Four. John and all the other remaining Loric children who have sought refuge on Earth are on the run hiding from the mogadorians. John is waiting for all his remaining legacies to develop and be mastered before he can face the mogadorians and defeat them. Also, all the remaining numbers 4-9 must be together to beat them so the quest to find the remaining loric children are left to 4 and 6.

Protagonist: Number four

Antagonist: The Mogadorians



- Paradise, Ohio

Personal Remarks

I really enjoyed this book it was a real page turner only making me want to finish it. It is only the first book in a series continuing the amazing journey to find the other Numbers. I recommend this book to everyone it is such an awesome story full of action, love and mystery.
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