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More Cool upper level courses for Fall 2017

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Work with a real illuminated Medieval manuscript!

ENGL 3892S Fall 2017

“Literature in the Library”

Dr. Cynthia Camp MWF 1:25

Pre-req- ENGL 1102 or 1103

This course also satisfies the Service Learning requirement

Fragments of the Past: Working with Medieval Books

"This will not be your typical literature class. We will spend limited time reading and analyzing literary texts. Rather, this course will be both seminar and practicum on the physical makeup, use, and decoding of medieval manuscripts. Medieval books predate the printing press: all are handmade (often lovingly and intricately), unique, and highly valuable items. Not only are they gorgeous objects in their own right, but they presume a different relationship between text and reader than do contemporary printed books. We'll get you the tools to understand and appreciate these compelling physical artifacts. In particular, we'll focus on the physical construction of books; the path that books took from their medieval owners to modern libraries; and the way they are handled, stored, and catalogued in modern archives."

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FREN3080 : Fall 2017 Topic : The History of France through its money

FREN3080 : Fall 2017

Topic : The History of France through its money

Most countries issue money, typically in the form of bank notes and/or coins. While we come into contact with these objects almost every single day, we rarely take the time to reflect upon the wealth of culture and history that these artifacts of daily life represent. This course aims to look primarily at coins, dating from Antiquity to the present, and to use them as springboards for research and discussion about the history and culture of France. What does French money tell us about the history of France? What can we learn about art? About mythology? About politics and government? About French culture in general? We will address all of these topics as we conduct our numismatic history of « la belle et douce » France.

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SPAN 4080 Cultura y diáspora en las Américas (Culture and Diaspora in the Americas) with Dr. Lesley Feracho

SPAN 4080: Cultura y diáspora en las Américas (Culture and Diaspora in the Americas)

¿Qué es cultura? ¿Cómo la definimos y qué importancia tiene en nuestras sociedades? El propósito de este curso es explorar el rol de diversas prácticas culturales en la diáspora africana – con un enfoque en el Caribe de habla hispana y en América latina. Através de la lente de Estudios Culturales y diferentes formas culturales como cine, literatura, música y arte visual analizaremos el rol de producción cultural y su importancia para el indivíduo y la comunidad, en una época de globalización y transnacionalismo.

What is culture? How do we define it and what importance does it hold in our society? The purpose of this course is to explore the role of various cultural practices of the African diaspora - with a focus on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Latin America. Through the lens of Cultural Studies and different cultural forms like film, literature, music and visual art we will analyze the role of cultural production and its importance for the individual and community in an time of globalization and transnationalism.

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