Class Meetings

Week of January 18th

Notes and Lessons from the Counselor

GRADES 3-5 Lesson

We will continue with OPTIMISM as our focus. Please access the website for the TRASH or TREASURE activity. Please read through the brief article to understand the meaning of Practical Optimism. There is an awesome activity that follows that I know will provide both you and your students valuable information and hopefully a different perspective to LIFE-LET'S BY OPTIMISTIC!


The classic story of The Little Engine that Could is the perfect story for optimism. Using the words being positive and think happy thoughts will help instill OPTIMISM in our students. After watching the story, have students share a time that they had to work through a problem-practice saying "I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN!"

**I highly suggest accessing the link above as well to read the article about Practical Optimism.

link for story: