Red River Rebllion

By: Carson

How it was started

The first resistance was the Red River Rebellion of 1869–1870 . It was started by a series of events related to the 1869 establishment creation of the provincial government by the Métis leader Louis Riel and his followers at the Red River Colony, which is now known as, Manitoba.

Louis reil

Louis David Riel is the Métis rebel leader. He was born October 22 1844 – November 16 1885. He is a founder of Manitoba and a political and spiritual leader of the métis people. He led two resistances, against the Canadian government and it's first After confederation prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.
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What happen during the red river rebellion

The Rebellion was the first problem the new government faced after Confederation in 1867. The Canadian government had bought Rupert's Land from the Hudson's bay company in 1869. The French speaking people on the reserve "mostly Metis" we're against William McDougall. Before the land was give to Canada, McDougall sent out surveyors to plot the land according to the square township system used in Ontario. The Métis, led by Riel, prevented McDougall from entering the territory. McDougall said that the Hudson's Bay Company was no longer in control of the territory and that Canada had asked for the chance to govern them self to be postponed. The Métis created a provisional government, so they invited an equal number of Anglophone representatives. Riel didn't let the Canadian government turn Rupert's land into Manitoba.