What's The Government Doing To Help

The effective team who protect the forest.


Oh no! The forest is in danger, we are going to save it! Look at the videos and you will find out how dangerous is happening to the forest. And we are going with Haida Gwaii (British Columbia) they are having a hard fight with the people who cut down the trees.

Deforestation (Government)

Government around the world is doing something about deforestation. Deforestation related to lots of things. And the related things related to another so if this happened it will make the another things happened. Even though government is protecting people around the world still cutting down trees. If we have laws that people can't cut down trees that will be great! So much city or country cut down too much trees. After that they realize that they their air is really bad and try to save them. However, people think trees are just plans they are useless instead of standing on one spot use them to make useful things such as paper is more better. I feel bad for the trees.
So, as you watched the video, what do you feel about deforestation? Is it important? Cut one forest makes thousands of animals dead. Does it actually great? Look at some pictures, try to figure out what will happen nest? Is it important? If it is important, what we need to do?

Ether job or forest

I knew that if the people stop chopping trees might lost his job but I want to ask a question, Was job important or forest, tree, animals, food, more important? I think forest, are more important than a job. That is what I am thinking about. If you cut down trees you basically destroy the world that is made for human.

What are government even doing?

They are making a plan called the Marine Plan. The Haida Gwaii Marine Plan is the way government try to save animals and the forests in British Columbia. The Haida Gwaii Marine Plan is found on an ecosystem-based framework and uses the best available science traditional and bed knowledge. It describes a long term vision, and outlines objectives and strategies for the protection, conservation and management of Haida Gwaii coastal and marine areas of Haida Gwaii. Minister Thomson is the authority to approve or reject any logging activity in BC, Canada.
This is the British Columbia's marine plan. It shows that British Columbia's government where will the government protect.


If we don't protect the nature, the nature will be destroy. If we don't save it quickly, it will become a little trees all over the world then, in that time we need to save it... That's too late. Take action, remember three 3R- reduce-reuse-recycle.