Do you want to be a Forensic Nurse?

By: Hailey Luckman

What is a Forensic Nurse?

Forensic nurses collect evidence from victims of sexual assault, and give treatment for crime victims. They also can help collect evidence for death investigations. It is a new specialty in the nursing field, and it allows medical care and law to work together for the first time.
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Compensation and Qualifications..

Forensic nurses make $39 an hour and around 81,800 yearly. To become a forensic nurse you have two options, you can go to a general education nursing school that offers specific courses for forensic nursing or once you graduate you can take a certification test to become an FRN. You can also be a registered nurse and work at least 3 years in general medicine and then specialize in forensics
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Where can Forensic Nurses work and what school offer this degree?

Forensic nurses can work in different medical settings like emergency rooms, or urgent care facilities. They can also work in places where many of the patients are victims of crimes. Some schools in NC that offer Forensic nursing include: South Piedmont community college, Asheville Boncombe Technical Community college, Bladen community college, Appalachian state university, Barton College, East Carolina university, Gardner- Webb University, and many more out of 75 in just North Carolina.
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