Daily Science News

By Isabel Verdugo And Brianna Sainz


Did you know that convection is the tranfer of heat through the movemnt of fluid? For example if you have a balloon and the temputure of the balloon drops, then the balloon will come down. Convection, radiation, and also conduction are the three main forms of heat transfer. Convection happens when thermal energy is moved through a material by the change of heated matter. The round motion of convection is the main way that heat energy is moved through the air.

More Facts About Convection

If a substance cools and contracts it becomes more solid.The quickly moveing particles break up with each other more often.Mainly when fluids and water are heated. This makes the particles spread out and make the fluid have a better volume.Heating and air conditaining changes the tempurture of the air inside your home.


Then the warm air rises which causes the cold air to sink. Convection is really important in the earths system. Warm moist air and reaches a cooler temputure. Techtonic plates rest on a mantal and convection cells drive their movement. Water in the ocean can spread by convection. The stream of water in the ocean makes transfering minerals nesserary for life.