Aamchi aai Tumchi aai


Friends, VJTIans and other tortured souls, lend me your ears, You’ve landed at aamchiaaitumchiaai.weebly.com, the unofficial official blog of 19.0223° N, 72.8562° E (seriously,Google it) In 150-odd years of existence, no one has undertaken such an innocently devious initiative. aamchiaai was born out of the enterprise and sheer hard work (sniggers) of its founding members, us, prudent young men showcasing the college in all its might. Our aim is to establish an all-encompassing and pointless yet comprehensive VJTI-forum on the web. Here, you are expected to discuss, make fun of, gripe and moan about everything that makes our college so damn special (and downright torturous ). So let’s keep our comments reasonably decent, extremist views are expected, pointless arguments are welcome and stupidity is solicited. When you’re on the highway to hell, you might as well rock your way through.