Not just a Religion but a Cultur; By Luz Tapia - Ojeda

"What do Jews Believe?"

"This is a far more difficult question than you might expect. Judaism has no dogma, no formal set of beliefs that one must hold to be a Jew. In Judaism, actions are far more important than beliefs, although there is certainly a place for belief within Judaism.

From Jedaism 101

Current Events/ History

During my research, there is nothing to date about extremists so, I decided to do the Halicousst. It is interesting to know that Adolfo Hitler's mother was actually a Jew. When he was old enough, he applied to one of the best art schools in his area then sadly, didn't get in. Later he applied to the German army and did not make it in either. He applies to three more country's militaries and still didn't get in.During the process of failing all those times he blames his mother. Finally he goes to Austria and makes it in as a messenger. One day as he is running messages a German soldier spots him and starts to aim his gun. Hitler turns and sees the gun so, he drops his bag supplies and messages and puts his hand in the air. The German man put down the gun and walked away as if nothing happened. Now think if he pulled the trigger history would be extremely different. Years later, when Hitler is in a higher rank, he decides to apply again to Germany and succeeds to the highest ranks. After a while he takes in all the power to become a dictator. Because he has been mad at his mother for his failure his goal was to punish as much Jews as possible. In conclusion, if Hitler had made it into the art school and even to the German army the first time, history would have been good for the Jews.

EXTRA: Adolf Hitler got married then three hours later fought in a war and committed suicide by shooting himself with his own gun. Once his wife found out she decided to follow him.


"Be wise, my precious soul, and haste

To bow to God in reverence.
Let vanities no more be chased,
Bethink thee ere this world lies waste,
The world that waits thee going hence.

Thy life to God’s life is akin,
Concealed like His beneath a veil,
Since He is free of flaw or sin,
Like purity thou too canst win,
To reach perfection wherefore fail?

And as His arm upholds the sky,
Do thou thy dumb brute body lift,
Thou, soul, to which we can descry
No like on earth—O magnify
The God of whom thou art the gift.

Greet then, my soul, thy Rock with praise,
Hail him, my inmost heart, with song
Unceasingly throughout my days,
And let all souls their voices raise

My benediction to prolong."

To me this poem is about how their soul is connected to God sins no since. It is also a creative way of wording the way how they are so grateful for what God has given them.

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