By Audrey Stillman

Product - Facebook

Facebook is an online social network where you can talk and share photos or posts. Facebook is a really important website because you could talk to a huge group of people more quickly. You could talk with any family or friend easily. You can chose if you want to share it in public so anyone could see your posts. Or you could chose to pick people who you want to see what you put online. That is why Facebook is a good social media website.

Where Facebook started

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook with a couple of friends when he was in college at Harvard. Mark was offered 1 million for his invention, he is now on a list for the 100 top most rich/wealthiest people in the world. Most people could not create websites but Mark was able to because he knows a lot about computers. I think that his goal was to allow people to talk to each other whenever they wanted.

How did facebook have an impact on social life

When Mark first created Facebook around 10,000 people signed up in one day. That was when he was offered the money and became rich/wealthy. He than became the youngest billionaire in the world. Facebook is actually much safer than Twitter, because you could chose who you talk to with Facebook. For Twitter when you say something it just automatically goes into public, so anyone could see it.

Facebook Today

To this day Facebook is much more popular today than it was when mark first created it. Around 500 million people are on Facebook today, and around 250 million people sign up each day. Without Facebook life would be different, Mark would not be the youngest billionaire, people probably would not communicate the way they do, there would just be no social website. Other than Twitter.

Facts about Mark Zuckerberg

  • Mark Zuckerberg is the world's youngest billionaire
  • Mark's dad was a dentist, and his mom was a psychiatrist
  • Mark suffers from red and green color blindness, he sees the color blue the best, which is why Facebook represents the color blue.
  • A movie was made about Facebook called The Social Network.
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