Carla Wade

BA Human Services

A Little Bit About Me...

I live in Pasadena, Texas with my best friend of 33 years, Jimmy. We met our sophomore year in high school in 1983 and became husband and wife on May 7, 2016! We have four grown children, Chris, Sean, Jessica and Ian, as well as six grandchildren ranging from eleven down to three! Four grandsons and two granddaughters certainly keep us hopping!

I am a Human Services major because the foster care system holds a special place in my heart as I was adopted from the Texas Foster Care System when I was three and a half months old. I want to be the voice for the children who find themselves in the foster care system and feel as though they have nowhere to turn and nobody to trust because all of the adults in their lives have failed them. I want to be the rock that they can hold on to and cling to when the storm that this life is tries to pull them under. I am Iroquois, and finding that out makes me want to help Native children even more than I wanted to before I found my family, although I have always had a special place in my heart for Native people, now I understand why.

I am newly reunited with three of my four birth siblings. It turns out that I am the youngest of five! One of our sisters passed away a few years ago, and our parents have passed away, but at least now I know that I look like my sister and I can quit looking at everyone I pass wondering if they are my brother or sister. My brother, Doug, and my sister JoAnn walked me down the aisle to marry my best friend and now-husband.

When I started my journey here at Ashford, I wanted to work with the children placed into the foster care system like I was. Now, I am leaning more toward helping Native American children on the reservation than I am just working with foster care, so I will see where this journey winds up taking me. Whatever I decide to do with my degree, it will have something to do with helping kids, and I will follow my heart. I have just started on my journey with Jiu Jitsu, and part of my training, as my coach says “if you want to go up in rank, you have to mentor a lower rank”. This is my way of mentoring a "lower rank" in order to help them achieve their goals.