By: Gracie Hutson-8

What is a drama?

A drama is a story that can be acted out for an audience. The plot of the play involes the characters facing a problem or conflict. A modern drama normally focuses on personel issues and is usually about ordinary people. The protagonist is the hero in the play ior drama. Another part of drama structure is the conflict. A conflict may be between characters who want different pr the same things, between a character and his or her circumstance, or between a character who is torn between competing desires. Modern dramas often experiment with long flashbacks, music, or visual projections of a characters private thoughts.

A play has many different settings, characters, and actions. A theatre artist can be an actor or actress, a director, a lighting technician, or stage crew. A play includes props and costumes. One of the most important parts of the play is the audience. The audience is needed to experience the performance, understand the story, and respond to the characters.