How to keep You/ your computor safe

By: Megan Greenberg

Cleaning your computor

If your computer is dirty not only is it un-attractive, it can promote problems.

1) to clean your keyboard un plug it from the USB port, turn it upside-down, and gently shake the dust out.

2) if you spill liquid on your computer, quickly shut the computer down and disconnect the key board and turn it upside-down to allow the liquid to drain.

Creating a safe workspace

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* Keep your chair at a height comfortable for you.

* Keep the mouse close to the keyboard for maximum comfort

*Avoid clutter to prevent injuries

Keep it cool

The computer generates a lot of heat because it is working hard.

to prevent fires don't stack papers or other flammable things near the computer.

When your computer is working hard it might over heat. if this happens let your computer cool down by not restricting air flow so keep the space around your computer clean

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Safegaurding your computor

Malware is anything trying to hurt or damage your computer. to protect your computer from this don't download anything that you don't know what it is. to help download a helping anti-virus like Kaspersky or Norton
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