Sugar Gliders

And What They Do By: Victoria Kissiah


You will be learning about these amazing animals. They are called Sugar Gliders. They are adorable animals, but with an inside story!

Interesting facts

  • Sugar Gliders bark like dogs and chirp like birds.
  • When a group of Sugar Gliders are scared they chatter loudly.
  • Sugar Gliders can Glide to 160 feet ( 50 meters ) or more.
  • In Sugar Gliders natural habitat they rarely touch the ground.

The Creator

Hello, My name is Victoria And I'm in second grade. My class is doing a project on animals we like. And this was my Sugar Glider Project. I hoped you liked it. BYE!
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The Young Ones

Female sugar gliders have pouches on there stomachs. Baby sugar gliders stay there for 70 days! When baby sugar gliders are ten months old they are known as adult sugar gliders!