Muscle and Fitness Website

A Review By Rohan Singh


The Muscle and Fitness website ( offers a two main sections, namely "Workouts" and "Nutrition". The website is user friendly, in the sense that it is easy to navigate and find the information that you are looking for. With an organized overview and multiple taps in a section, this website packs loads of information in an easy to read way.

Note: Since this is an informational website, no personal information is needed, but there is also no way to track progress in fitness. Since it is a website, there is no cost to gain access to all of the information.

Uses - Workout

The "Workout" section of the app gives the user different exercise. First, you can select a muscle group that you would like to work, and then a list of exercises pops up that tell you how to build strength in the desired muscle group. This section of the website would benefit anyone that wants to gain strength, no matter how advanced their workout is. My least favorite aspect of this section is that it does not warn beginners of incorrect posture/form when training, which can be very harmful. However, they do show you a picture of the correct posture.
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Uses - Nutrition

Personally, the nutrition section of the website is my favorite. It gives the user a variety of healthy recipes, ranging from breakfast to lunch and dinner. This section of the website really helps students that aren't at their desired weight. The focus of the "Nutrition" section is to provide healthy meals that give the user the nutrients that they need without packing too much sugar into their meals. Middle school students will really benefit from this part of the website, due to the excess amounts of sugar that many of them eat. A picture of the final product of the meal is also provided.
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Good or Bad?

I would definitely recommend this website to anyone trying to get fit. With massive amount of workout information and good recipes to get healthy, this website has it all. Just click on the link here: to get fit!


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