Pygmy possum

by Otto and James


The average adult Pygmy Possum weighs 40 grams; 30 grams in Spring and 80 grams in Autumn. It also has grey and white fur. It is 10cm long.


The Mountain Pygmy Possum lives on the highest mountains of Victoria and in the alpine regions of NSW including the Kosciuszco National Park.

Habitat and Ecology

The pygmy possum lives on the ground in rocky areas where boulders are. The pygmy possum mainly eats beetles, spiders and millipedes. It has four babies each spring.


The pygmy possum's threats are feral cats and red foxes. Also, the mountain pygmy possum may be mistaken as vermin (rats and mice) and killed.

Recovery Strategies

We need to control foxes and feral cats in Pigmy Possum habitat. Also, do not use rat traps or poisons in buildings in areas of the Pigmy Possum's habitat.

Mammals of the World: Mountain Pygmy Possum

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