Homework or not

by:belen fuentes

why we should have homework

1. Homework keeps kids from watching too much TV.

2. Homework reinforces classroom instruction, students need to practice what they learn on their own time at their own pace.

why we shouln't have homework

1. Over 90 percent of American children say their parents are involved with their homework, according to a study by the Indiana University and Purdue University schools of education.

2. We need to balance our social life with our school life. Too much work/homework is bad for your health and it can cause anxiety. Anxiety is when a student is scared to do work or homework. Also students can get stress and start to do drugs and ruin their life.

i think kids shouln't have homework

Teachers get us for 8 hours for 5 days. We should get the rest of the day off for important things. This is why kids are so tired all day because they stay up doing homework all night which is causing them to fall asleep in class and not get any education.