The Great Gatsby

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The False Promise of Wealth and Materialism

In the novel The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is one of the main charecters within the book. He surrounded himself with material possesions and people that werent really his friends. He tried to use wealth to buy happiness by attempting to impress another charecter by the name of Daisy Buchanan. But in the end of the story none of these things mattered, he was shot and killed and only a few people attended his funeral. Prooving that wealth and materialism cant buy you anything, even friends.

The Moral Corruption of American society

The moral corruption of American society comes into play during this book when alcohol, and deception, and cheating is involved. Alcohol represents that temptation of forbidden fruits, being that it was outlawed during this time but all involved in the story participated in the consumption of it. Next comes deception, which is demonstrated by most characters towards Gatsby. Using him for his home and his alcohol that was supplied during his parties. Lastly comes cheating. which is done by Tom Buchanan when he sees a woman from New York City. He cheats on his wife Daisy to further represent the moral corruption of American society involved in this novel.

Appearence vs. Reality

Appearance vs reality is extremely well depicted when analyzing Jay Gatsby's character. He shows this by Idealizing himself as a proper, well to do man with anything that money could buy. But in reality he is just providing a cover up for who he wants to be. Seeing as how he used to be named James Gatsby but changed his name to Jay Gatsby. This shows that he imagines his appearance and lifestyle differently than what his actual life is.

Socioeconomic Classes

Socioeconomic classes are displayed well throughout the book. Creating a good conflicting setting within the story. Being that One character is extremely wealthy along with a few upper middle class characters as well as average characters. And although no one is looked down upon for their social status, it is clear who is considered to be more important and respected within the story.