Houk Headlines

November 2-13

Important dates:

11/18- Early release, dismissal at 2:00pm

11/19- Sweet Dreams Pie Pickup- 3:45- 6pm in the cafeteria

11/25-11/27- Thanksgiving Break

11/30- Winter MAP Test- Reading

12/4- Field Trip to City Hall (More information to come)

12/4- School Spirit Day

12/7 Winter MAP Test- Math

Other Important Information:

Community Harvest Food Drive

District 47 schools are participating in the Community Harvest Food Drive for the local food pantry. The drive runs until November 20. Please drop off any of the following donation items in our school office if you would like to participate: baking mixes/supplies, canned beans, canned milk, canned pasta/meals, canned chili, dinner helpers, dry pasta, rice, macaroni & cheese, paper goods, salad dressing, ramen noodles. Thank you for your support!


We've been very busy reading and writing a lot these past few weeks! First, we celebrated Reading Week by having "Teacher Swap" day! On this day, Mrs. Miller surprised our class and read a few stories to us. Then, later in the week, we had an opportunity to read with her Kindergarten students and had a blast doing so!

We read a great book called Destiny's Gift and discussed how the main character, Destiny, made a difference in her community. We also completed a sequencing activity and sequenced the main events that happened in the story. Finally, we wrote a summary of the book using the main events that we located in the text.

This week, we read another book called, Aero and Officer Mike. This book is about a Police Officer and K-9 officer. Then we watched a short video about another officer and K-9 officer. Next week, we will compare and contrast the book and the video using the information we learned.


Last week, we ended our math unit with the unit 3 assessment and began our new unit on multiplication and division. Thus far, we've learned the 2's, 5's, and 10's fact families and have been practicing a lot! We began this week working on multiplication story problems and even practiced a few division problems as well! Finally, we discussed the various ways to solve multiplication problems such as repeated addition, drawing pictures, and making arrays. Please encourage your child to practice his or her multiplication facts on a daily basis.

Social Studies

We ended our Social Studies unit by holding a pretend Peaceful Demonstration about whether we should build a park or a pool in our community of Crystal Lake. All the third grade students came together as we "marched" to the cafeteria, listened to speeches, and voted on this community issue. In the end, the majority of the students voted for a community pool!

We also spent some time discussing Veterans Day. We talked about what a Veteran is, why we recognize veterans in our country, and the significance of this special day. We read a book called, America's White Table and learned about the meaning of a white table on Veterans Day. Lastly, we celebrated this important day and thanked many local veterans at our Veterans Day assembly. We were so fortunate to hear the stories of many veterans and to celebrate as an entire school community! Thank you veterans!

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