Dude, So Granola

are those tevas?

The Top 5 Essentials You Need To Be Granola

Well first off, you need to know what it is to be granola. According to a widely renowned source commonly known as Urban Dictionary to be granola is to be a "tree hugging, free spirited hippie minus all the drugs."

The second most important factor is that you gotta live in Portland. It is the hippie capital of all of the US.

Thirdly you must own either a pair of chacos or tevas. Although, if you have both, then that's even better!

The fourth thing you must have is a sort of air (or body odor) about you that says, "I only shower maybe once a week to save water." This one is very important.

The last thing you must have is a Subaru. I mean you're not fully granola until you have the granola car.

Just follow all these steps, and you will be granola as quick as you can say, "free-range saves the world man."