Copyright And Fair Use

Eesarali Panjwani

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a exclusive legal right of a creator to print, publish, film, or record literary, artstical, or musical material. In other word , someone who made a product or made their idea into a tangible thing has a sole right to do anything they want with, but other entities have no right to distribute their work.

What is Fair Use?

Fair use is a legal doctrine that allows; in cetrtain circumstances; the public to copy work or pictures for critism, news reporting, or teaching without need for permission or payment to copyright holder.

How Do You Know If A Picture Is Copyrighted?

Photos you've taken yourself do not have the threat of copyright, you may do what you wish with photos you've taken yourself. Making changes to an image does not make it yours. Images you find in the public domain are yours to use since they belong to the public.

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