Davis Staff Friday Flyer

Deep in the Heart of Davis

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September 6-23 United Way Fundraiser ***

September 14 (Wednesday) Pace Training for all Classroom Teachers (no paras) 3-4pm **Jeans**

September 15 (Thursday) 5th Camp Mtg. @ 6:30

September 21 (Wednesday) Staff Mtg/PD Hours 3-5pm **No staff kids

September 28 (Wednesday) Critical Friends 3-4pm

October 10 (Monday) Parent Conference Day (Student Holiday)

October 17-21 PTA Scholastic Book Fair- Pirate Theme!

October 21 (Friday) 9 Weeks Spirit Assembly 8:30 am

November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

November 30-December 2 Fifth Graders to Collin County Adventure Camp

December 19- January 2 Winter Break

***If we beat our United Way goal before the deadline, 3 whole weeks of jeans!!!! Kristin has already ordered a new pair of jeans from StitchFix for each day so come on. She likes to win, and its for a good cause.

SLO Goal Help

Here are a couple of helpful tips about your goal that is due on the Sep. 13th. Remember, I emailed you a short video where Lara walks you through inputing your goal as well as the specific format that it needs to be written in. These tips are more to make sure you are on track during the development stage of your goal.

Small but Powerful Difference in Action

It is easy to create a list of things that we know we should do, or could do as we plan for the year. This question can be used as a reflection to ensure implementation plans are steps towards ensuring their LEARNING. Ask yourself is this a to do or a to learn.

Making it all Match

If you tell me your foundation and your action steps-I should get a good idea as to the focus and outcome of your TPG/SLO. Once these two components "add-up", it is easier to form a clear picture of the goal.

Spotlight on Professional Learning

Genius Hour

Above all else we should strive to empower self directed, forever learners. One of the ways you can do this is allow your students to learn about topics they are passionate about. I am such a believer in Genius Hour in the classroom.


Happy Birthday song

Happy Birthday to you!!!

September (If I missed you, let me know)

  • Bushra-16th
  • Kat-19th
  • Erin-23rd
  • Amber-24th
  • Robin-30th

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find new apps and web tools for my learners?


Plano ISD tech blog


How do I access the building on the weekends?

Contact Brenda Terenas or Jan West

I need to know how to request a day off/access the copy machine/send a fax.

The staff handbook is located at: https://docs.google.com/a/pisd.edu/document/d/1NRqWSqHZJ8cJ5w1Ck29DxImlK04MijfIdlnOd_8sUmo/edit?usp=sharing