Helen Keller

Blind, Deaf, and Unstoppable!

The Facts

Helen Keller is an exceptional woman that is starring the world straight in the eye dispite her disabilities. Here are some facts about this inspiring person...

  • She was isolated from the world with no way to communicate until she was seven.
  • Anne Sullivan, her teacher, came when she was seven and started teaching her.
  • She learned the word "water" in only a week after Sullivan being there.
  • When she grew up, she wrote her an autobiography about herself, graduated college(Radcliffe U. in 1904), and knew three languages, German, French, and English.
  • Now in her adulthodd, she is devoting her life to helping to improve the education of the blind, deaf, and mute.
  • She is giving lectures, writing letters, visiting hospitals, and helping blind soldiers.

Helen Keller's Labrotory

Monday, May 29th 2034 at 9pm

Tuscumbia, Alabama

Helen Keller is finally going to get a labrotory! It will be in construction from 4/14/2014 to 5/28/2034. It will open on May 29, 2034. Come see us then to celebrate this wonderful women and see all of what she nwanted for everyone come true.

About us

This newsletter is sent from the construction crew that uis working on Heln's laboratory. We sent it to ask you to donate to help us to make this laboratory. We need all of the help we can get so we can donate it to Helen Keller. Thank you! Donate at...